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One Piece Game Online JOYGAME RPG

Le 9 June 2015, 09:42 dans Humeurs 0

During this time, every enemy defeated drops bonus cash (which can be used to level up characters), and you can end the summoning at any time by performing a devastating team-up super attack. Moreover, if you summon a different partner each chance you get to summon, all previously summoned characters will also be summoned—as well as lend their own special attacks to the team-up special attack.
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Pirate Warriors JOYGAMES is a Dynasty Warriors game in the most classic sense. You control a character who fights through thousands of enemies using a combination of strong and weak attacks. As you move across the map, you capture various points, allowing you to bring in additional soldiers of your own and, as you work your way to completing each levelIt's main objective, usually defeat a boss.
Dynasty Warriors games are well known for following a strict gameplay formula. However, in recent tie-in titles like Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes, more and more innovation has been brought in to augment the core gameplay in interesting ways. This is not so for One Piece Pirate Warriors JOYGAMES, however.
That’s not to say there is nothing new in the gameplay, however. In Pirate Warriors JOYGAMES, you are now able to select another member of your army to pop in and add an extra attack to many of your combos. As you repeatedly use this other character, a special attack bar grows and, when full, allows you to summon that character to fight by your side for a limited period of time.
There are no adventure stages—like in the original Pirate Warriors game—to mix up the game play, nor are there any of the other major additions to the Dynasty Warriors formula like the tower defense-style monster summoning system of Dragon Quest Heroes. As far as the general gameplay goes, Pirate Warriors JOYGAMES might as well have been made in JOYGAMES00JOYGAMES.
While Pirate Warriors JOYGAMES had its own original plot, Pirate Warriors JOYGAMES, like the first game, follows the plot of the manga—starting at Luffy’s first adventure and moving all the way up to the current Dressrosa arc. The game is chock-full of per-rendered and animated manga cutscenes with fully-voiced character conversations to flesh out the story of each level. There are also several extra optional objectives in each level that reward you for following the source material’s story in your Pirate Warriors battle.
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The One Piece of Advice All First Time

Le 28 April 2015, 12:04 dans Humeurs 0

The English Version is now out! One Piece Treasure Cruise is finally available for download on both the Android and iOS devices. The Treasure Cruise version is a tap battle version of the game and plays very similar to Magia Break or Brave Frontier. Tap Battle RPG's is becoming extremely popular lately, so BandaiNamco Games decided to jump in on the fun and develop a One Piece version of it. Being a semi One Piece fan, it looks like the game kicks off right at the beginning, young version Luffie. Official game description below.

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Find your crew mates and set off on an adventure!
Easy tap controls to make super combos!
Create your own pirate band in the world of ONE PIECE!

-New Intuitive Action of Tap to Connect Combos!-
"ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE" comes with a easy tapping controls that lets you enjoy the thrilling battle from the original story! Tap your characters at the right timing to deal combos! Even more, each character comes with character specific special abilities to make the battle even more exciting! Your favorite characters pirates around within your palm of your hand!

-Following the Original Story! Recreate your Favorite Scene! -
Story starts from the Foosha Village where young boy Luffy meets Red Haired Shanks.
Each epic moment of the original story can be followed through by completing "Quests" to bring you back the exciting adventures!

-Collect Your Crews to Make Your Own Pirates!-
Not only you get to collect major starring characters, you can also recruit your favorite supporting characters too! Find the WANTED list from the bar and go recruit them pirates! Build up your crew mates, and set sail with your mightiest pirates!

-"Skill Chain" for Mega Damage!-
Chain attacks with certain characters in specific order to perform Skill Chain!
Skill Chain will deal mega damage bonus!

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New Game One Piece Stree Fighter

Le 21 April 2015, 11:00 dans Humeurs 0

By May 2014, while the series is in the middle of Dressrosa, they felt it's necessary to do a traditional RPG genre basing on the canon story of One Piece so they released One Piece Treasure Cruise. By February 2015, it was released here. I won't waste my time telling you how I found this game, as I got this game for my phone, the NA version is currently on Twin Cape. Meanwhile however the Japanese version, despite being released in May 2014, is still in Skypiea and they may even spilt it into two islands for some unknown reasons. Many characters and clothing from future arcs are being streamed in. Why they did not catch up to the current arc is a mystery.
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This game as I said already followed extremely close to the manga. There are many cutscenes from the manga. As of now the locations of this game is Dawn Island, Goat Island, Shelltown, Orange Town, Syrup Village, Baratie, Arlong Park, Lougetown and Twin Cape. Whiskey Peak is coming out in NA late April. I really hope we reach Skypiea in June. And I wish the the Japanese version reach Dressrosa already. Because of the popularly of One Piece here, it got more then 2 million downloads but the Japanese download number is higher.In this game, you control six characters.

Who will be the winner? It's up to you! Please click one piece to know more!

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